About US

About US


Dear friends,


The restaurant under the brand “Talleke ja Pullike” has been working successfully for almost two years in one of the city’s districts called Kakumäe. A big, colourful log house is situated at 42 Kakumäe street. The Rocca al Mare shopping centre is three kilometers away. The restaurant is on the way to the coziest town’s beach Kakumäe. There are two large parking lots with a bus-stop nearby.

A cozy, distinctive interior of the main dining area will allow its guests to relax and enjoy the delicious meals and beverages. You can choose a table on the frigate’s deck “Hispaniola” or on the soft sofas next to a fireplace or in the corner with the dimmed light.

Festive events in the company of 20-30 people can be celebrated in a separate banquet room where you will be surrounded by your friends only.

On the second floor there is an interesting and safe children’s room, so while sitting at your table you will be able to watch the way your kids play in the room through the monitor display.

Our kitchen is equipped with a coal oven “Josper” where we cook the freshest meat, fish and seafoods. The foods prepared on the real coal are very juicy with a golden brown and the smell of smoke.

The menu is diversified offering Cube Roll and New York steaks, made from the best Australian marbled beef “Black Angus”, tender filet mignons and chateaubriands, made from Brazilian inner fillet. In addition, we offer the fresh sea bass as well as the Scottish salmon, oysters and other seafoods. All products are ecologically clean. Homemade pelmeni  are also made by our cooks. Certainly, you can always come to relish shashlick made from rural Estonian pork. Moreover, there is a wide variety of soups, cold and hot starters, salads and desserts. We also bake our special flatbreads and kutabys with lamb and cheese.

On weekdays there is a lunch proposal 12 pm- 4 pm (a soup of the day and a hot dish)

We customize the banquet menu, depending on the guests’ wishes by offering a selection of dishes and beverages. Valentina Manasjan, who is the restaurant’s chef, will always find an approach to any guest. You will not be disappointed with the quality of dishes and believe us everything will be very tasty!

Besides, the restaurant boasts a good choice of wines, five sorts of the most popular draft beer, freshly squeezed juices and milkshakes. We will not let our guests die of thirst )))


Call (+372)58805315 to book a table.